November 1



by Fraser

I am going to America.

Mum, Stuart and Auntie Jo are going too. We are going on a Jet2 plane. We are going to Disney Castle.

We have a white holiday car. We went to Amerca House and I eat butterfinger. It’s a pool in our Amercan house. We went to our bed. I sleep with Auntie Jo.

We went breakfast outside. I have rainbow hoops. I saw Mickey. I saw Donald. I saw Daisy. We are going to see a show on Disney Castle. Tonight we see a parade and we see the fireworks.

We ride on the monorail. We drive back to our American home and we go back to sleep. Then we play in the pool. Then we go out to dinner tonight.

We eat some chips, and juice to drink. We went to see a man playind a piano and I rode on a roller coaster in Splash Mountain.


September 19

The Gingerbread Man.


The Gingerbread Man.

One day, I was sitting in a rocking chair. I’m going to cook a gingerbread man.  I put the gingerbread man in the oven.

It’s ready.

Then I put on two eyes and one nose and a smiley mouth. The gingerbread man was alive.

Then it ran and I catched it.

The Gingerbread man said: ”Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man”.

But then, my granddad tried to help me to get the gingerbread man.

And it said,”  Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man”.

Then the cow wants to eat the gingerbread man. The cow joins me and granddad.

Then the chicken wants to eat the gingerbread man. And the gingerbread man said: ” Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man”. Then the gingerbread man was getting tired.

Then the fox came and want to eat the gingerbread man. The fox eats the gingerbread man. The fox was crossing the river. The fox went to his house. And back to sleep.

The end.

September 13


By Fraser

Me and Pikachoo, we battled with Flogi. Tyrenator is unable to battle. The winner is me from Scotland.

Then I got a Katterpee. Peekachoo challenged Makchop. Next is…I got a Charmander. Charmander challenged Jigglypuff (it’s a big word) and Jigglypuff is unable to battle. Charmander wins and he evolves into a Charmillion.

Then Katerpee evolves into Metapod.  Pikachoo challenged Piplop. Then there’s people coming to battle and Charmillion challenged Insinowar. And Charmillion is unable to battle. Insinowar is the winner

Pikachoo looked for me. We saw Onyx. I choose Metapod. New swinswop. And Metapod evolved into a Butterfree. We have to say goodbye to Butterfree.

Then Insinowar takes one feather, And I say, “Charmillion. I use you!”

Insinowar used a flame thrower and I say, “Charge, Charmillion!”

“Now Charmillion! You slash!” And Charmillion evolved into a Charizard. Then Insinowar is unable to battle.

Then I won. It’s the end.

September 10

Climbing Dumyat the Hard Way

As Soon as we arrived at Dumyat, we got roped in and started climbing.

We were nervous, but were also brave.

One after the other, we scrambled up the cliff with the rope around our waist like a real mountaineer.

It was easier than it looked! And everyone managed it.

Then we had our lunch.

It was a long way to the top.

And a long way back down.

Old friends were waiting for us at the bottom.

Dumyat climbed again…the hard way!

June 15

Briarlands Farm Visit

We had lots of fun at Briarlands Farm, near Stirling.

We had left school late in the morning, so we needed to eat as soon as we arrived.

First on our list was a visit to the strawberry tunnels with Katie, our guide.

Then we were up close to some small animals.

Then we saw some bigger animals: sheep, goats, turkeys, geese and pigs.

Then we jumped onto a farm trailer to visit the core of the farm.

We couldn’t resist heading to the play area.

There were SO many activities to try!


There was even farm machinery to investigate.

We were having so much fun, we didn’t want to leave.

As a result, we got home very late.

June 11

The Wedding.

by Fraser. The Wedding.

I went with my dad, Auntie Claire and Uncle Webby. We had dinner time. Spaghetti and sausages…my favourite!  Then Stuart gets to pick me up. And we went shopping. And me and Stuart had a “boy’s weekend”. We had fun. I played the Trackmaster and the old Trackmaster. And the world’s strongest engine. And me and Stuart had a sleepover. So did Nala. Then we wake up and go downstairs and make breakfast.

I liked the wedding. I sat and I ate. I loved the wedding. My kilt looked lovely.

My mum took me to Aunie Claire’s house and I played with the wii. I was playing Sonic and All Starts Racing Transform.

Mum was at Liverpool. We went to McDonalds: chicken chips and chicken McNuggets and a Happy meal. I went on my go-cart to the park.  And we went back home.

I’d like another sleepover with Stuart and Nala.

June 4



by Alexander.



We went on a trip to the River Avon.

And we saw Wallace’s cave. It was 6 hours until the end.

At the end we went to Miss Murray’s house to see some 6 collies, 5 weeks old. We went up 166 steps to the end.

Who went with us? Me, Ellie, Tehya, Cayden, Aiden, Macy, Fraser.

The mummy dog was called Molly.

We went over a bridge. Aiden and Macy went in the water, because they had wellies.

May 30

River Avon Walk

Early in the day, we set off bravely along the River Avon Heritage trail from Westfield.

Rumours of heavy rain refused to dampen our spirits.

We had not gone far before we needed a break and a snack.

Then we were on our way again, exploring new territory.

The river was a constant source of attraction and fascination.

We stopped for lunch on a wooden footbridge.

Some of us ventured into the water.

Then we were back on the trail again.

In no time at all, we were arriving at Muiravonside Park.

We needed to inspect the play park.

Then, we paid a visit to an old school friend, whose dog had recently had puppies.

For some, this was the highlight of the day.

May 28

The instruments.

The instruments.

By Fraser.

My grandad plays the tuba. He plays Cocaloco. Then he plays the saxaphone and it’s totally mellow.

And I used to play the trumpet.  And me and grandad, we play the instruments together. And the trumpet and the tuba were in the box. They were all dusty. We blow the dust away. There are only two instruments for me and grandad.

Mum says, “That’s wonderful!” She listens to us.

My favourite instrument is the trumpet. It was great. I think it’s… a bit hard. I love the trumpet the best. I’d like to play the accordion and the french horn and the cello and the clarinet.

I’d like to be in an orchestra from Africa. I’d head to China and India. They would make music. How about Gangnam Style! Then we went back home in an airplane. And we get back to the airport.

The end.


May 21

Fairy Tales

by Fraser   21.05.19

Fairy Tales

One day the princess was left alone in the castle. She went to sleep. Then, the knight came to save the princess. He has a knight’s horse. A dragon came to breathe the fire. The knight hit the dragon with his sword. And the dragon got the knight. The dragon was crushed by a giant bell. “You got crushed”, said the knight.

“You are Italian”, said the dragon.

He saw him and breathed fire.

The knight said, “You are too slow”.

And the dragon took the knight’s sword and took it away to his home. And he is flying away.

The princess was asleep all day.

The dragon was riding on the knight’s horse. And he gave his sword back to the knight. He got to the dragon’s house. The dragon was terribly strong and his tail was terribly long. His eyes were pools of terrible fire. And his terrible whiskers were tougher than wire. He got his sword back just in time. The dragon chased the knight and he ran away to the princess, Princess Joy.

The princess woke up. “It’s you!” she said. And the dragon was sad and he went away back to his cave.

The knight and the princess went to the princess’s mum and said: “We are back together”.

“Time for bed”, said mum.

The end.

May 14

Sonic and the Magic Railroad.

by Fraser. 14.5.19

Sonic and the Magic Railroad.

One day, Sonic went once to the Magic Railroad.

One day Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge, they had a busy day. I stopped to Navit station then Diesel 10 was going SO FAST!  Sonic said: “Diesel 10! You have to go a bit slower!”.

And I saw a little tiny little engine called Lady. Then Diesel 10 was chasing Lady and Sonic and was going to eat them because of the Danger Bridge. Lady and Sonic went slow. Diesel 10 applied the brakes. But it was too late! He touched the track and Sonic said: “Long Live the King. Long live the King!” Then Diesel 10 got stuck into a boat and he floated out to sea. They were safe.

They stopped at the station. They all saw Lady. “Hey Lady”, said the tank engines, “Youre good, Lady”.

“Hi” said Lady.

They saw the sheds. They can sleep. They went to sleep. There is a space for Lady. It was night time. Lady saw the narrow guage. They were pulling coaches. Then Splatter and Dodge said “We are sorry”.

There was a shooting star. They saw the fireworks. They went BANG. They go out. They can see the shooting stars and the fireworks. It was cool.

They go back to the shed and back to sleep.

The end.

May 14

The Demon.

by Alexander.

The demon.

The Demon was evil. He murdered humans. He is a big animal.

This monster has been around since the 1800s. He’s very old, but will never die because his heart is special. He will live until 2530. That’s very long! But when some sort of flies see him, they bite him and his heart will get unhealther and he might die. That’s what humans want. But the demon can revive itself. It has only 300 of revives in the demon’s heart. When he runs out. he dies instantly.

So be careful. He’s out there.

The end

May 10

The Panthers.

by Aiden 9.5.19

The Panthers

Part One.

There was a place called Panther, and to become a king you must battle someone.

There were two types of battle: battle the king with the power of the Panther speed and strength; or battle somebody with the power of the panther and you have the power of the  panther.

And there are three suits to choose from if you are king. The chains are made from vibranium, a very tough metal that can’t be destroyed. The necklace will turn you into the panther. The necklaces are three colours.

The claws on the chain have colours: white is on one of them; silver on one of them; and one of them are gold. You tell the chain a colour and you will turn into that colour of panther.

End of Part One.

May 7

Nuclear Power

by Alexander. 7.5.19

Nuclear Reactor.

Not many people know this: a nuclear reactor produces electricity. Most of them are gone now because they are moving on to something new.

How a reactor is powered.

In the heart of the reactor is a big ball of fire called a core. And that’s very deep down. At the surface of the reactor there is something called control rods. The less of these inserted in the water will make it overheat if it is like that for very long. When all the control rods are in it keeps it at a good heat so it’s stable. When the reactor is not on, they check the surface to see if anything is damaged or not. If they don’t recognise that any control rods are damaged, it can overheat and cause damage to the actual core.

The control room is about one thousand feet away from the reactor. If the reactor overheats there will be a deadly nuclear explosion. And if the radiation cloud forms it can blow across from the wind to other places. When the reactor is well-cared, it will be well-cared to you.

And if an emengency happens in the control room, there is an emergency shut-off . But sometimes it will not work. If it doesn’t work, the reactor will explode. The control rods are made of uranium which are highly radioactive.

How a reactor stays on.

There is something called nuclear fuel, which powers the reactor. If this runs out they just refill it again. They have these good machines that do it all alone. But someone keeps an eye on it.

These nuclear reactors have something called reactor power that can be increased in the control room. If an explosion happens when the power is too high it will be a big explosion. It can destroy a town.

May 7

Visiting the Five Sisters’ Zoo

by Alexander. 7.5.19

On the weekend I went to the Five Sisters Zoo.

I saw otters and meercats Lions and Bears. And the fair was good with the ride on cars for a Pound for 3 minutes around a track. It was very fun.

To get in you need £30 to £40 to get in. I’ts a bit too much. Their play is very Fun

Why should we go there? It’s fun because it’s worth it .