April 30

Jurassic. Part One.

by Aiden.

Ten million years ago, when the Jurassic dinosaurs were there, and when the meteor shower hit earth, they were all gone. Until an old man studied DNA and figured out how to make animals. So he put it to the next level and started making dinosaurs on an island. But the island got abandoned after ten years.

Two kids and a man were power gliding near the island of Jurassic dinosaurs, but the boat hit a rock and started sinking. So the man cut the three ropes and accidentally landed on the island. But they never knew what was on the island.

But they were on a tree. They cut the rope and a raptor came and ate the man.

The two kids ran off. But all the dinosaurs managed to get in.

April 23

Jet 2

by Fraser.

I am going on holiday in the summer.

I am going on my favourite airline which is Jet 2. I will go on my own and sit at the back. We will be flying soon and it will be going fast. I will put on the seatbelt before it flies through the air.

We will go to America and then Spain. My Mum and Auntie Jo and me will go and when the plane slows down we will go down and straight to land on the runway.

Next we will go to my favourite house with a pool. I will be first in the pool wearing Cars swimming shorts and I am a good fast swimmer.  I like to dip my legs in the pool.  We will have the best holiday. It will be sunny.  We will have a holiday car.